What Next for the Usd/Jpy?

Hey Traders, here is an update on the Usd/Jpy. As you can see I’m very long and looking for higher levels. I’ve posted a Daily chart to give you an idea of the room it has to the upside. That being said I’m also posting a 4hr chart with areas I’ll be watching for possible short opportunities to develop. As you can see there is Harmonic pattern analysis combined with other pattern analysis with solid structure involved. All in all with Japan’s commitment to print and Target inflation I will continue to identify opportunities to get long over the medium to long term at what I feel will be discount prices. However, I will also take opportunities if the behavior presents itself to get short over the short to medium term in a separate account. These opportunities may present once again leading up to and after the NFP announcement. I am anticipating lots of fun this week with this pair lol Here is a look at the charts. As ways….. Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!!

Daily Chart

UsdJpy Daily

4hr chart

UsdJpy 4hr