About Us

Who We Are

Currency Ninjas is a premier Forex coaching and education company. We teach a proprietary, high-probability approach to technical trading that enables retail traders to trade in sync with the major market participants on all time frames.

Currency Ninjas was formed by a successful trader, who developed his winning Forex methods based on the teachings of a top institutional trader and educator.

Our Program

We provide students of all skill levels with personalized instruction and mentoring in our exclusive, multi-timeframe Currency Ninjas trading techniques. Our methods give traders an extremely  powerful edge over other market participants by enabling them to identify and profit from optimal entries and exits.

To support our students’ progress in learning our unique trading style, we also offer advanced instruction in core Price Action and Harmonic trading techniques. These timeless methods form the foundation of our approach. By mastering them, students are able to progress more quickly and become more versatile in applying our methodology across different market conditions and in all different trading situations.

Currency Ninjas students also gain access to our Live, Interactive Trading Room, which is open during the late London and early New York markets sessions. Participation in the room serves to reinforce course learning and helps our students gain deeper insights into the markets and how they can be traded successfully.

This rigorous, comprehensive education program supplies students with the specific knowledge, discipline, tools and support they require to become consistently profitable Forex traders.

Our Mission

Our goal, plain and simple, is to help our students become fully independent, profitable Forex traders.

What do we mean by this? In our program, independence is not achieved at the point of mastery of our successful, proprietary trading methods. That’s only the first step. Independence is achieved when the trader attains, in addition, a masterful understanding of the probabilities of the methods.

Under our guidance, students conduct extensive, repetitive chart research into both our exclusive Currency Ninjas trading approach and core Price Action and Harmonic trading methods.

Through this demanding, meticulous process, they discover for themselves – and deeply internalize – the probabilities associated with specific setups that appear again and again in all timeframes and across all trading instruments.

Moreover, and very importantly, they will have acquired the knowledge and understanding to construct – and continuously improve over time – their own, personalized trading plan. A plan that they can follow with confidence and that precisely fits their profit and lifestyle goals.

When our students arrive at this level of accomplishment, we deem they have become – Currency Ninjas.