Usd/Jpy getting ready for a new High?

Here is an updated look at the1hr and 4hr charts for Usd/Jpy. Took a long this morning in the buy zone of the 1hr chart at 101.16 and walked away to take care of some business for the day and came back to Target 1 attained. I include the 4hr chart for you to see a slightly bigger picture. I continue to accumulate longs at discount prices while the fundamental mumbo jumbo continues to play out. I still have my 101.02 and 97.44 entries looking for higher highs. Time will tell and until then…

Here is a look at the charts:

1hr chart

UsdJpy 1hr

4hr chart

UsdJpy 4hr

Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!!