Set It and Forget It Swing Trade Ideas

We continuously track more than 20 currency pairs. So you don’t have to.

If you’re a Forex trader with limited time to analyze the markets, or if you’re seeking new ideas to expand your earnings potential in Forex trading, our Swing Trade Ideas could be exactly right for you.

  • All of our swing trade ideas are based price action, harmonic patterns and Fibonacci.
  • 1 hour through monthly timeframes.
  • Clearly defined entries, stops and profit targets are provided with each trade idea.
  • 100% mechanical system.
  • Emotion-free trading
  • New swing trade ideas are delivered by SMS text message and email.
  • All swing trades ideas are posted to our website as a permanent record of our performance.

Our goal is to provide you with true “Set it and forget it” swing trade ideas. However, from time to time, market conditions will change after a trade has been opened, requiring us to adjust stops and/or targets. If this happens, we issue immediate update alerts by SMS text message and email, and also post the changes on our website.

All trade ideas provide through our Swing Trade service are for educational purposes only.

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