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Currency Ninjas Trading Course

Learn to trade like a Ninja – Our Currency Ninjas trading course centres on proprietary methods and techniques that significantly increase the odds of trading success. This unique approach to trading is constructed on a solid foundation of Price Action, Harmonic Pattern and Fibonacci trading methods, as taught in our Price Action and Harmonics training course.

Be prepared to work hard – The Currency Ninjas training course is a year in duration. To succeed, students must be ready to roll up their sleeves and complete an extensive program of chart-based research assignments. Upon conclusion of the course, you will have acquired the understanding and skills to trade the Currency Ninjas way.

Create your own, personalized trade plan – Our ultimate objective is to help you develop into a profitable, fully independent trader. You will gain the knowledge to create your own, personalized trade plan based on our Currency Ninjas methods. Through guided research, you will prove to yourself that your plan is consistently profitable. And having mastered the trading methods, you will have the ability and confidence to continuously refine and improve your plan over time as you move forward in your trading career.

What you will learn

  • Learn to create a personalized, profitable trade plan
  • Learn to detect the intentions of the major players
  • Learn to identify high-potential price reversal levels
  • Learn to identify new trends early in their development
  • Learn where to take profits and where to re-enter with the trend
  • Learn when to move your stops to reduce risk
  • Learn to time the market
  • Learn to anticipate the impact of important political and economic events

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