Premium Education – Overview

High-Probability Forex Trading Based on Multi-Timeframe Price Action Analysis

As experienced traders know, the Forex market offers some of the best technical trading opportunities available in today’s trading marketplace. Price trends frequently continue not just for hours or days – but for weeks and months.

The reason these extended price runs occur is that the large currency trading entities that establish and control price direction operate on a long-term perspective. These major market participants, which include governments, central banks, major private banks, sovereign funds and hedge funds, conduct their currency-pair analysis on the monthly and weekly charts.

The question is: Do you?

If you’re like most small, independent Forex traders, the answer is no. Sadly, unless you’re a short-term scalper, the absence of this critical ingredient from your trading plan will likely cause you to fail in achieving your trading goals.

The Currency Ninjas Way

From experience, we believe that for small, retail traders to consistently capture profits in the Forex market, they require a multi-timeframe technical strategy for determining the outlook and intentions of the major players. For the most part, the market does not turn on a dime, nor does it travel in a straight line without corrections. But how does one distinguish between a reversal and a correction?

In our education program, we teach high-probability technical methods for detecting trends early in their development and for identifying when they are likely to continue, rather than reverse. Early trend detection enables traders to jump in front of other market participants and benefit as they join the move. And the ability to distinguish between corrections and reversals yields additional low-risk entry opportunities as the trend zigs and zags to its ultimate conclusion.

Benefit from a Comprehensive Trading Approach

At Currency Ninjas, we blend our proprietary trading methods and strategies with timeless price action, harmonic pattern and Fibonacci trading techniques. Learn More

The Net Result
Graduates of the Currency Ninjas Forex education program acquire the knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Anticipate the intentions of the major players in the Forex market.
  • Take low-risk entries with the potential for large gains.
  • Achieve consistent profitability and trading success.

Enroll now in our Premium Education Program.

You will learn to

  • Read charts at a professional level
  • Detect the intentions of the major players
  • Identify new trends early in their development
  • Identify high-potential price reversal levels
  • Determine low-risk entry and exit points
  • Trail your stops to reduce risk and maximize profits
  • Time the market
  • Aticipate the impact of important political and economic events