Nzd/Jpy Harmonic Analysis on 1hr & 15m Chart

Hey Traders here is a video of analysis on a pair that I am already involved with to the Long side. Yes target 1 was attained but I put this video together to demonstrate the potential of multiple opportunities to get involved in a trade both in the same direction and when Targets are hit the potential to get involved in the trade in the other direction. When a pair is trading in what I call its sweet spot to many it appears as if it is just trading sideways but often times it can stay in what I call a Harmonic paradise allowing you to make bank in both directions until there is a break of that sideways price behavior and even when there is a break the higher Time frame or bigger picture will usually have Harmonic characteristics to it that gives clues as to what will happen next with high probability and good risk reward benefits. Anyway that’s enough of my Mumbo Jumbo enjoy the video and remember to always….Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!!