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CurrencyNinjas.com is pleased to offer our members a wide range of Forex trading services, including:

Free educational materials

We are continuously adding new educational content in our Free Subscribers section, so we encourage you to check back on a regular basis.

Premium education program

Currency Ninjas teaches a proven method to trade the markets profitably over the long term. We don’t simply show you a few techniques and send you off to make your fortune; we turn you into a fully independent trader with a successful, personalized trading plan that fits your goals and needs.

Live Trade Room

The Currency Ninjas trade room is a dynamic, interactive environment. As a room subscriber, you will have the opportunity to “look over the shoulder” of a successful, profitable trader as he analyzes the market, places trades and manages positions.

Swing Trade Ideas

We provide “set it and forget it” swing trade ideas across more than 20 currency pairs.

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