Eur/Aud Daily Chart Harmonic Analysis

Hello fellow Traders. Here is a look at a pair I’m watching this week. There is some very nice ratio and Harmonic confluence here. Now I’m just waiting for the behavior I like to see to get involved. That said this is a heavy news volume week so be careful. The biggest is the FOMC but there is also some Aussie minutes being released later this evening as well as some Euro heavy news early Tuesday morning.   As always…Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!! Read more »

Eur/Cad Harmonic Analysis

Hey Traders there is seriously some beautiful pattern potentials developing on this pair. Its truly a Harmonic paradise inside this chart. I’ve kept the video fairly short with just a couple I watching at the moment but there are so many others that have the potential to develop so watch this pair closely. Next week should be some serious fune with both Canadian news and the ECB set to make some noise. Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!!   Read more »

Nzd/Jpy Harmonic Analysis on 1hr & 15m Chart

Hey Traders here is a video of analysis on a pair that I am already involved with to the Long side. Yes target 1 was attained but I put this video together to demonstrate the potential of multiple opportunities to get involved in a trade both in the same direction and when Targets are hit the potential to get involved in the trade in the other direction. When a pair is trading in what I call its sweet spot to many it appears as if it is just trading sideways but often times it can stay in what I call a Harmonic paradise allowing you to make bank in both directions until there is a break of that sideways price […] Read more »

Usd/Jpy getting ready for a new High?

Here is an updated look at the1hr and 4hr charts for Usd/Jpy. Took a long this morning in the buy zone of the 1hr chart at 101.16 and walked away to take care of some business for the day and came back to Target 1 attained. I include the 4hr chart for you to see a slightly bigger picture. I continue to accumulate longs at discount prices while the fundamental mumbo jumbo continues to play out. I still have my 101.02 and 97.44 entries looking for higher highs. Time will tell and until then… Here is a look at the charts: 1hr chart 4hr chart Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence […] Read more »

Usd/Cad 1hr chart Harmonics

Hey Traders this is a trade I’m currently involved with but there are multiple patterns that are developing. Watch as I demonstrate how to be able to look forward and capture just a few of the possibilities that can potentially develop using Harmonic analysis and Fibonacci measurements. There are a few areas on the video where the systems seem to bog down some and I have a little trouble grabbing the tools and moving them so just be patient with it. Due to the frustration of that you will notice at thye end of the video I just decided to entertain myself with the dancing Harmonic pattern so….Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own […] Read more »

What Next for the Usd/Jpy?

Hey Traders, here is an update on the Usd/Jpy. As you can see I’m very long and looking for higher levels. I’ve posted a Daily chart to give you an idea of the room it has to the upside. That being said I’m also posting a 4hr chart with areas I’ll be watching for possible short opportunities to develop. As you can see there is Harmonic pattern analysis combined with other pattern analysis with solid structure involved. All in all with Japan’s commitment to print and Target inflation I will continue to identify opportunities to get long over the medium to long term at what I feel will be discount prices. However, I will also take opportunities if the behavior […] Read more »

Nzd/Usd 1 Hr Chart Harmonic Paradise

Hey Traders, this is what I like to call a Harmonic paradise. This pair is trading beautifully right now respecting Harmonic and Fibonacci levels almost to the pip. I got involved with this second entry earlier today and watching some of these new developments. Targets 1 and 2 are attained on second entry marked by the yellow lines. I will also continue to allow entry 1 to play out for next target unless behavior and new developments tell me otherwise. As expected the RBNZ raised interest rates slightly and we get ourselves a pleasant move to the upside. Time will tell how long the Kiwi Dollar can continue to drink the Kool-aid at these levels or higher Enjoy, have fun, […] Read more »

Nzd/Usd 3 drives Pattern

Hey Traders, here is an example of a trade we took last week. Target 2 was attained and I promised a video on this wonderful Harmonic pattern, The 3 drives pattern is based on the Elliot wave theory combined with Harmonic theory, and could be one of the most powerful patterns today when criteria is met. This a unique opportunity to make bank as we are still in the trade looking for target 3. Here is a look at how we determine the sell zone. Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!! BTW if you like it click the thumbs up button and let me know. […] Read more »

EurAud Daily Chart Harmonic and Pattern development

Hey Traders, this video illustrates an opportunity to a very powerful trading pattern that happens and develops as price action respects then violates structure. We took a short on this currency pair with the anticipation of the structure breaking and therefore confirming a Head and Shoulders pattern. We used the pattern development potential and our Ninja techniques to enter the trade. You will also see how we use not only structure development but also Harmonic pattern development to give us clues as to where price is likely to go and possibly reverse. This allows us not only to identify a trade opportunity but also to identify potential target zones. Hope you enjoy the video. If so please leave a comment […] Read more »

Eur/Gbp 4hr chart video and picture

Hello Traders, I decided to make this video after I actually executed the trade from multiple entries using a combination of our Ninja strategies along with Harmonic pattern development. The video illustrates not only a technique for measuring Harmonic analysis and target analysis using structure but also the need for continued flexibility and recognition of  potential pattern development moving forward. Enjoy the Music, have fun with the video, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!! Hakuna Matata Here is the picture: Here is the Video:     Read more »