Nzd/Usd 1 Hr Chart Harmonic Paradise

Hey Traders, this is what I like to call a Harmonic paradise. This pair is trading beautifully right now respecting Harmonic and Fibonacci levels almost to the pip. I got involved with this second entry earlier today and watching some of these new developments. Targets 1 and 2 are attained on second entry marked by the yellow lines. I will also continue to allow entry 1 to play out for next target unless behavior and new developments tell me otherwise. As expected the RBNZ raised interest rates slightly and we get ourselves a pleasant move to the upside. Time will tell how long the Kiwi Dollar can continue to drink the Kool-aid at these levels or higher Enjoy, have fun, trade your plan, make a great day, do your own due diligence and may we all make bank!!


NzdUsd 1hr